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At Aepios, you can connect with members who have been living with the same condition as you, share your experiences with people who are newly diagnosed, and learn about new and existing treatments. Your journey may be unique, but you do not have to do it alone.

Aepios Health Support Groups

Our platform helps people gain support from members nation-wide by sharing valuable real-world experiences, treatments and outcomes for an expanding number of medical conditions.

Aepios was created by doctors to help members take an active role in their medical care by facilitating the spread of information across members, and by disseminating medical knowledge in articles written just for our members.

Connect with members who have the same condition and get support from new friends to improve the quality of your life.
Ask questions, get peer-generated answers, and learn what matters most to you so you can understand your condition better.
With newfound information of multiple treatment regimens provided by users, you will be empowered to ask your doctor questions that can really make a difference.

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