COVID-19 online health support group, aepios, Elderly woman and child communicate through glass during COVID-19 pandemic

Our new COVID-19 online health support group is here!

The Doctors at Aepios

Regardless of whether or not you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the 2020 pandemic is quite unsettling and scary for many people.  Businesses have closed.  Professional sports leagues have halted or postponed their seasons. States and local municipalities have issued stay-at-home orders. The entire country is being encouraged to practice social distancing. But you don’t have to face this alone! Our new COVID-19 online health support group provides a safe space for members to share their experience, give support, and ask questions.

Here at Aepios, we are proud to offer online medical support groups that you can actively participate in from the comfort, convenience, and safety of your home.  Our community is comprised of everyday people living with common conditions.  While we have online health support groups for many conditions such as breast cancer, depression, Anemia, and more, we have recently added a COVID-19 forum. This is a specific online health support group for COVID-19 that is designed to give people with the coronavirus, people who know someone with the coronavirus, and those who are simply anxious about the coronavirus, a platform to share their stories and support one another during this time of uncertainty.

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. We are learning more and more about the disease every day. While our online medical support groups are excellent resources for any condition, our COVID-19 online health support group is especially useful in the midst of this pandemic. Here, people reveal and share symptoms, treatments, and other tidbits of information that may have been overlooked by their doctors and/or are not yet widely recognized. Our health support groups bring people together while offering encouragement, hope, support, information, and valuable resources designed to improve quality of life, and, in some cases, save a life.

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About the Author

Christina DeSerio

I am a neuroscientist with extensive training in vision science, cognitive neuroscience, and developmental and cognitive psychology. Having trained in some of the most elite labs in the world, I am familiar with a broad range of neuroscientific technologies used to study and treat conditions. Examples include the use of noninvasive neuromodulation from motor rehabilitation following stroke, to developing robotics systems for patients with ALS. I believe that knowledge facilitates compassion and recovery. Numerous studies have shown that the brain is highly adaptable and changeable, and that simply knowing this fact can improve the recovery process. This is why I dedicate my time to spur compassion, healing, and recovery through the dissemination of knowledge and positivity.

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COVID-19 online health support group, aepios, Elderly woman and child communicate through glass during COVID-19 pandemic

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