Frozen Fertility

Frozen Fertility
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I can’t begin to count the number of television shows or movies I have seen lately that mention women freezing their eggs. In the hit television comedy, The Mindy Project, a frozen fertility specialist, Mindy Lahiri, talks to young women about freezing their eggs if they are considering putting off getting pregnant. Not having a ticking biological clock hanging over our heads has been a foreign concept for women up until now.

The idea behind it is to freeze your eggs while you are still young, so you have the option of getting pregnant or using a surrogate later on in life. As women age, the number of eggs in their ovaries decreases, and start doing so at a greater frequency. Not only that, but the quality of those eggs is also better when a woman is younger. The older a woman gets, the greater risk of diseases occurring in the newborn. The process of freezing eggs gives women a chance to have children when they choose instead of having children when they aren’t ready just because time is ticking.

To give you an overview of what to expect should you choose to go down this road includes, first and foremost, an appointment with a specialist. During this visit, an assessment of the reproductive organs, frozen fertility, and overall health will be ascertained. The process will begin with hormone injections that will allow your body to mature enough eggs for the time of retrieval. When you are at the optimum stage, a short procedure to retrieve your eggs will be performed and they will be immediately frozen. The process is an expensive one, and to maintain the eggs in a frozen state also requires regular fees. All of this should be considered and discussed with your physician so you are aware of all your options.

About the Author

Christina DeSerio

In addition to her role as the CEO of Aepios, Christina holds an advanced degree in neuroscience with extensive training in vision science, cognitive neuroscience, and cognitive and developmental psychology. Having worked with some of the most elite labs in the country, her aim is to apply this acquired knowledge to make a positive impact on the world through research, service, and activism. Numerous studies have shown that the brain is highly adaptable and changeable, and that simply knowing this fact can improve the recovery process. She hopes that by sharing some of the research she has come across in the fields of neuroscience and psychology, she can spur compassion, healing, and recovery.

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Frozen Fertility

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