Your health experiences matter

  • Gain support from peers
  • Share valuable real-world experiences
  • Learn about other treatments & outcomes
  • Completely free, always
  • Completely anonymous

Connect. Understand. Empower.

At Aepios, you can connect with members who have been living with the same condition as you, share your experiences with people who are newly diagnosed, and learn about new and existing treatments. Your journey may be unique, but you do not have to do it alone.

We have an ever expanding number of support groups for all types of medical conditions that include:

  • Various types of Cancer
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Fibromyalgia and much more…

Our Mission

To inspire hope and healing by facilitating open communication between members with a shared diagnosis. We aim to close regional gaps in medical care through shared experiences, treatments, and outcomes reported by members nationwide.

Why Aepios?

Aepios is an acronym, meaning, An Empowering Place to Interact and Openly Share. Aepios represents nurturing healthcare. Our community was created by doctors to help members take an active role in their medical care. Aepios represents safety. We at Aepios say to you, “You are loved. The Aepios team is behind you.”

How we help

Aepios is building a database of treatments and outcomes for a wide range of conditions. Members will be able to search for treatments they were not previously made aware of. Armed with new information taken from various sources, members will be empowered to ask their doctor high-quality questions to improve their quality of life.