Hiatal Hernia

Oral and Gastrointestinal

Having a hiatal hernia can be a painful condition. They occur deep inside the body and cannot be seen from the outside like other hernias. A hiatal hernia happens when the upper stomach pushes up into your chest area through an esophageal hiatus. This is an opening in the diaphragm that is normally just for the esophagus to pass through. This area of the diaphragm can become weak and stretch to allow the stomach to pass through. Women are affected with hiatal hernias more than men and often as a result of pregnancy. Even though they can be painful, 50% of people affected with this condition have no symptoms at all. In general, hiatal hernias occur in around 60% of all adults by 60 years of age. Most hiatal hernias are observed without intervention with only severe cases requiring surgery.

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