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Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder and is considered a psychiatric illness. A person with have bulimia will struggle with maintaining a healthy relationship with food and willbinge and purge to prevent themselves from gaining weight. That is, they eat large quantities of food and try to expel the food quickly by vomiting, using laxatives and/diuretics, diet pills, and/or excessive exercise. This disorder tends to be a coping mechanism for emotional stress and issues with body image. Bulimia affects millions of people (men and women) in the United States with many cases going undiagnosed and untreated due to the hidden nature of those struggling with the disorder. The frequency of occurrence of this eating disorder has nearly doubled since the year 1960.The first step in controlling and healing from bulimia is to reach out to a friend, family member, and/or a physician. There are many treatments available and support groups that can help someone struggling with bulimia recover.

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