Mental Health


Mental Health
Vaginismus is a condition caused by a spasm in the pelvic floor muscles in a female’s body. This involuntary contraction…


Mental Health
Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder that is characterized by continuous or relapsing psychotic episodes.It can be quite severeandcause disordered…

Panic Disorder

Mental Health
With around 40 million sufferers in the United States alone, panic disorder is one of the most common mental disorders…

Nicotine Dependence

Mental Health
Nicotine is a drug found in tobacco that can cause chemical dependency. This substance stimulates the adrenal glands and releases…


Mental Health, Nutritional
Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder and is considered a psychiatric illness. A person with have bulimia will struggle with…

Bipolar Disorder

Mental Health
Bipolar disorder (formerly manic depression or manic-depressive disorder) is a type of mental disorder characterized by severe mood swings. One…

Anxiety Disorder

Mental Health
Anxiety disorders are a group of mental disorders with the unifying symptom of a persistent worry, fear, and/or distress about…