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Vaginismus is a condition caused by a spasm in the pelvic floor muscles in a female’s body. This involuntary contraction of muscles occurs around the opening of the vagina, often making it extremely difficult to tolerate insertion. It may happen just prior to intercourse, using a tampon, or a medical examination. This vaginal spasm can be very painful – even traumatizing -that those with vaginismus shy away from intercourse and pelvic examinations. The prevalence of this painful sexual dysfunction is estimated to be between 5% to 17% in the United States. However, many women may find it difficult to be open about the condition and there are many undiagnosed sufferers. Treatment is usually based on changing the response to touch with behavioral therapies, lubricants, and counseling if necessary. Counseling is especially helpful if the response is due to sexual trauma. This article will help you understand this condition and answer any questions you may be afraid to ask. It also gives helpful tips on how to deal with vaginismus.

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