Time for the seasonal cold

Time for the seasonal cold

The weather is changing and we are slowly transitioning to Autumn. Some mornings when I leave the house it is cool, but sure enough, temperatures climb as the day progresses and ultimately drop again in the evening. It is a hard time to adjust yourself, and your wardrobe, but it is also a time when so many people start getting sick. When you feel a seasonal cold coming on, try a few remedies to prevent it from getting too bad or spreading to everyone around you.


For starters, make sure you are practicing good hygiene and keeping your hands clean in seasonal cold. If you work in a healthcare setting, you will find hand sanitizers mounted almost everywhere. Disinfect shared spaces or shared objects and try to quarantine yourself.


I’ve found that one of the things that helps me the most is staying hydrated. It is essential to drink a lot of fluids. Teas can be helpful to soothe a sore throat.


Also, I like to boost my immunity by taking Vitamin C and eating foods that are naturally immune boosting. Such foods include ginger, honey, and citrus, to name a few.


Once you are officially “sick” the best thing you can do is get adequate amounts of rest to prevent it from prolonging. Stay happy and healthy this season!

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Time for the seasonal cold

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