Is vaping really harmless?

Is vaping really harmless?
The Doctors at Aepios

E-cigarettes have taken the country by storm. Even though they have been on the market and available to the public for some time, they are now more popular than ever before. Vaping is thought to be better than smoking cigarettes, and though that might be true (and we don’t know that it is yet), it does not mean that they are safe.

Individuals using e-cigarettes as an aid to help them quit smoking may not be doing themselves any favors. A metanalysis of recent studies have found that the chance of quitting smoking by replacing the cigarette with a vaping actually decrease by 28%.

The ideology that the e-cigarette is harmless has made it the better of two evils. However, there is no data to support how harmless the chemicals in the fluid are. In fact, research suggests it has the chemical makeup to adversely affect health. A chemical called acrolein is formed as a consequence of the fluid being heated and it is a contributor to cardiovascular disease.

The invention of e-cigarettes has led to an increase in the number of teenagers and non-smokers (of conventional cigarettes) inhaling toxic chemicals into their lungs. The choices of flavors are endless and that has been another attraction. The FDA has passed regulations for producers to disclose the chemicals in the liquid and not allow children under 18 to purchase it.

About the Author

Christina DeSerio

In addition to her role as the CEO of Aepios, Christina holds an advanced degree in neuroscience with extensive training in vision science, cognitive neuroscience, and cognitive and developmental psychology. Having worked with some of the most elite labs in the country, her aim is to apply this acquired knowledge to make a positive impact on the world through research, service, and activism. Numerous studies have shown that the brain is highly adaptable and changeable, and that simply knowing this fact can improve the recovery process. She hopes that by sharing some of the research she has come across in the fields of neuroscience and psychology, she can spur compassion, healing, and recovery.

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Is vaping really harmless?

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